Change is Coming!  

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Well here is an update about things going on with the LibertyCast. In absence a new project has been in the works. We will see a new change in the next few upcoming months. Everything is being redesigned to become a new network of information, connectivity, and resources.

We are becoming self hosted under the banner of a new blog that is more journalism centered on national and world economies. LibertyCast will still be available as the editor's blog so no fears the LibertyCast isn't going anywhere.

However, this isn't all. A new specialized Wiki will come that is economics focused built on MediaWiki. We will also incorporate a new social network that will be designed to help others to not only be educated about economics and world economies but also do it in a sense that helps people better themselves. The social network allowing for communication abroad will give opportunity for all to discuss problems worldwide and attempt to come up with solutions that can be effective and realized.

Other ideas are being hatched, including the possibility of going non profit, for philanthropic and charitable efforts.

Please stay tuned into the LibertyCast for progress and updates.


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Yeah I am sorry I have been way too busy and absent too much, but this is way too much not to talk about...

What is wrong with Massachusetts?!

In fear of a pandemic swine flu the senate passed a bill which will allow them to force quarantines, impose unjust penalties for refusal of vaccination, and invade private property!

This is absolutely insane! What is wrong when we begin the path back to fascism. Legalizing dictatorship style authoritarian action is so incredibly wrong!

Reference here.

The bill was called S.2028 and is now called S.18.

What annoys me most is the fact that this is unconstitutional!

"79 permit entry into and investigation of the premises; (2) to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or ...
120 public health authority or its designee, an officer authorized to serve criminal process may arrest
121 without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an
122 order given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection and shall use reasonable diligence to
123 enforce such order.
124 Any person who knowingly violates an order of the commissioner
125 or its designee, …shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or by
126 a fine of note more than
127 one thousand dollars, or both"

This so obviously VIOLATES

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Which just happens to be the 4th amendment of the US Constitution.

Being that 35 out of the 40 senators are Democrats and that Governor John Corzine is a democrat (who just happens to be all too cozy with President Obama) I suspect there will be little federal (if any) action in regards to this.

Everyone should call Senator Richard Moore (as seen in the video above) at 617-722-1420 and call him out on his unconstituional and fascist legislative intentions!

Getting Fed Up!  

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It is about time the the Federal Reserve be held accountable for itself. The Federal Reserve has secretively manipulated public money in the private sector for way to long. The Fed can manipulate money, create it from thin air via "programs", as they call it, and this can be incredibly damaging to the economy.

What they propose is the use Keynesian economics to bring us out of this depression. This doesn't work because it requires control of spending which our government and the Fed have shown they do not have the responsibility to do this. This use of supply side economics in overburdening our economy with over investment and malinvestment is what got us here in the first place. And now the Fed wants to do the same with our currency.

Bernanke of the Federal Reserve in the PBS Frontline special stated that the Reserve was becoming more transparent by offering a summary (in their own words) of their meetings to the comptroller general. This is not transparency because they offer only what they want us to see. You can see this special online here. Just go there and click "Watch Online".

What has been proposed by Rep. Ron Paul is H.R. 1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009. This allows that now a complete audit of the Federal Reserve must be presented as required. It does not give control over them, but does present legitimate supervision of what they are doing to our economy. This is a great piece of legislation and is gaining momentum. You can take a look at the legislation here. There are currently 222 cosponsors to this legislation in the House of Representatives which you can find here. Enter in your zip code and if you do not find your representative presently cosigning this bill please call them immediately and ask them for their support of H.R. 1207!

Senator Sanders has since proposed a similar bill to the senate, S. 604 which you can find here. This has been moving more slowly in momentum, but still has hop so please call you senator as well!

Since this time the Federal Reserve is attempting to fight back! They have highered lobbyist Linda L. Robertson of John Hopkins University. She has worked in the treasury and was an infamous lobbyist for Enron before their collapse. You can find this article about her new position here, and her bio here. Please don't give the Federal Reserve the opportunity to stop this legislation. Please make sure that your Senators and Representatives have got aboard. Quash the secrecy, and promote accountability. All it takes is a phone call.

If you are not sure who your Representative is go here and enter your state and zip code.
You can find out you Senator as well by going here.

Fiscal Faux Pas  

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Pardon the long delay in the release of this post. With finals occupying much of my time and then constant problems with my internet provider I have had limited time and access to the internet to get much of anything of substance done.

I would like to bring up again the monetary and economic complications that the United States is currently going through. With all this talk over the mainstream media of how we are finally beginning to see the economy turn around I actually beg to differ.

Many liberals have such huge issues with Reaganomics/Trickle Down Theory/Supply Side Economics, regardless that in proper conditions it actually works, find this application entirely unfair, and justly right they are. As supply side economics increases economic investment and potential this is only truly effective when that investment is needed. When the demand or spending cannot meet the supply the economy it becomes overburdened and unstable.

Would you increase the height of a table without increasing the lengths of it's legs to support itself and expect it to prop itself up in thin air?

Of course not, that doesn't make any sense at all. Unfortunately, politicians and intellectuals coupled with the impact of the mainstream media fail to make sense of it for the common people. This of course is for numerous reasons to their own ends, but that is too long a subject for this article alone.

Well, President George W. Bush lead the charge in just this in recent years, and when other scams and rotten behaviors caught up to itself (such as the subprime mortgage crisis which I talk about it the following article here) the economy began to collapse in on itself. This has lead the United States to where it is at today. So how do you fix this? Well, there are actually numerous options, but practically none that either the government and private-sector can both agree upon exist in the same.

To increase demand to meet the supply our last effort has been to provide tax cuts to the middle and lower classes, those who typically spend money rather than invest it. Unfortunately, this really hasn't had the impact most of the media is attempting to feed us. Economists are saying in essence, as I compared before, that what has happened is that the table in mid-air has lowered itself back to the legs of the table. So yes, the economy is beginning to stabilize itself to some degree though in not as an efficient condition as it was prior to the crash.

To explain this further, look at all the lay offs that have been occurring, the businesses closing and consolidating, and overall unemployment levels. This has been the fatty investment that has been trimmed from our economy in order to compensate and balance itself out.

So why bring up what many are finally are beginning to learn and may be even understand already? Well, frankly we are still potential victims of the same treatment; now by the Federal Reserve.

The Fed, in order to compensate for a lack of supply of money is increasing that supply of money. Does that sound so fishy? Not yet, but stay with me. This lack of money is in banks. First, know that when banks do not have the money to make good on their loans and investments it is customary to borrow from other banks. BUT the other banks are in the same predicament this is where the Federal Reserve kicks in. The Fed buys bonds from the banks to give those banks more money to work with. But where do they get this money? May be you might say they create this investment in the economy out of thin air? Sound familiar? To be a bit more specific when the United States doesn't have the money it utilizes various programs such as increasing trade opportunities with foreign countries, such as China, for whom we are now indebted to.

So even though this is not a literal case the Fed, is in theory, just printing more money to make up for the lack of money. This reduces the value of the dollar ultimately creating inflation once exiting the depression the United States is currently in. The cost here is that we have to make good on those other programs and agreements, and must (timely) remove ourselves from them to reduce the period of inflation; restoring the value of the dollar. Again, a complicated manner because as we may begin to finally have money it begins losing its value...

Regardless, if you agree with me or other economists or not, if you believe that supply side economics is unjust as it unfairly favors the rich, how could you possibly support the same from the United States own semi-central bank? The Fed creates all this faux and unstable money to the benefit of big banks and corporations and while the common man is hurting from the deflation, lack of employment opportunities, and rising costs the businesses with this hidden money enjoy the windfall until the inflation catches up. All at the expense of the American tax payer. But as one might argue that the Federal Reserve doesn't use tax payer dollars as I already stated (they use money from elsewhere), directly, you are correct, but indirectly not. The American taxpayer pays taxes, if they even have work, and the value of the dollar goes less far for them while they get free money which will continue to impact our own economy as the value of the dollar goes down.

So how is it fair then that it is unfair for our government to propose tax break for the rich and those with investment in the economy, but then it is okay for the same treatment towards the lower and middle classes when a more centralized power does the same thing?

It is not. The principle is the same in one as it is in the other. Government involvement and regulation is not always the answer. The Federal Reserve is privately owned, but the impact of the government with in it is substantial. Government made poor decisions and took us to where we are and yet the same principle applied elsewhere is somehow expected to not do the same thing.

With this is my plea to please reconsider what government and the media keeps telling you and look to the real experts not bent in bureaucracy for the real truth. Keep an open eye and ear not always bent in government in that may we may all find the truth in real freedom and liberty.

This is so outrageous to me that we allow Washington to grant these kind of hypocritical and unstable powers just so that they have money to borrow against when they want it as they desire. And on top of that then to end up with all of this talk about credit card debt, of course the government is the exception. Not like the government should have to work within its means. I have always been skeptical of the gold standard because it is a limited resource, but now I'm beginning to believe that is its blessing. It would provide a nice check against the current ways of doing things.

Repealing the Conscious Clause  

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So Obama wants to repeal the Conscious Clause which allows physicians and pharmacists to opt out of contraceptive methods that they disagree with. So obviously this boils down to the abortion argument.

Personally I lean to the right on this and I consider myself Pro Life. That being Pro Life, not Anti Abortion. I look at it from a somewhat combination of abstract and logical thought. What preserves the the highest quality of life. But for this article this is not quite about me or my personal views.

This is about women's rights and women's choice. This is an argument on equality, and that they should be able to have these things done if they want to. However, what about the medical practitioner's choice? What about they choice to want to do it or not? The women have this choice so why should we discriminate against others in this favor? This is absolutely discrimination in my mind. That one party is favored with a double standard that is unfair.

Now this is somewhat of a mute argument because there will always be people out there who will practice this and there certainly is not some kind of substantial shortage. And who would want someone to practice these methods on them who don't do them and are not practiced in them anyway? My thoughts is that there will be very few out there, if any, that will opt to have an abortion by someone who wants nothing to do with it over the next guy who will.

Though out of principle this is discrimination. I really do not think that this will be fair and that it should not pass. Practitioners shouldn't be opted out of the argument for one side of the argument only.

What If?  

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What If?

That's a great question to ask America and its constituents...

What would the world be like if we didn't have military bases across the world policing it's countries?

What if we didn't have a base in Germany or South Korea or so many others?

What if we weren't in Iraq?

What about Afghanistan or Pakistan?

What if we remembered why our founders wanted a more non interventionist foreign policy?

What if we stopped wars relying on special interests?

What if we stopped the partisan bickering and worked together?

What if?

But before we can get to what if we must all stand together and ask our leaders:


Now I agree with this almost entirely, but not quite 100%. I think we do need to pull back heavily on our interventionist policies, be more defensive than offensive, and need more worldly cooperation to act as outward as we do. But I also think that the War on Terror is justified to the extent in that we do not let terrorists keep taking shots at us for free. Iraq did not fly planes into the World Trade Centers; it was not an intelligent move and indefinitely a wrongful choice from the beginning. We should have focused all our resources to Afghanistan and Pakistan. This could cause us lots more problems, and this should have been the "long haul" decision we made from the very beginning. At this point I'm not sure we have the real resources, morale, or support to pull it off any time soon. Right now we all need to turn to Washington and keep asking our leaders...

The Davenport Promise  

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Tomorrow, March 3rd, residents of Davenport, IA have an opportunity to vote on The Davenport Promise. This is absolutely a major deal here locally. This is a move to improve residency and educational incentive in Davenport without any prominent financial burden on its residents.

What exactly is the point of Davenport Promise then?

Well the goal is to provide a college scholarship to all Davenport residents of high school graduate/GED level regardless of what school they went to or what school they are going to. It will also give a home-buyers grant for returning military and increase public safety. All of this is to be done without increasing property taxes.

Funding will be through reallocating the Davenport one cent sales tax.

Current Tax Allocation:

60% Property Tax Relief
40% Capital Improvements

Proposed Tax Reallocation:
60% Property Tax Relief
30% Capital Improvements or Davenport Promise
10% Public Safety Investment

Anyone see a problem here? I see that we are now intentionally running this tax at at least 30% over budget overall with capital improvements running 10% under budget. Now understand this isn't the sole funding for capital improvements either so actual numbers are in reality less than a real 10%, but it is still be under budget. So with this, they state that other projects have run under budget and money can be pulled from there though nothing is intentionally allocated to this or labeled in any official manner.

Okay so they want to attract new people to increase real estate values and increase the population to invest into the community and the Davenport Promise Task Force Report states that years of disinvestment in our economy is behind the poverty levels and dropouts in our children. This is may be not a cure all but the right step for us to take to get back on track as the task force and city council have declared overall. Note that not all approve of this and one who has disapproved (out of numerous) is Alderman Bill Lynn.

There are so many potential issues with this and actual issues to start with, first being running the tax over budget. However, there are many what-ifs to consider here one being: What if people come in mass at first but then stop do to increased property values and tuition rates that keep rising? Okay so with this the investment for new people to move here and continue this project is not as great anymore, and let's say with that significantly less come here. Now we have less enrolling students to count on for government funding and assistance in our public schools requiring more money for that was less before. We will then also have many going out which we will have to fund for college and we have to get that money somewhere. With more people utilizing public roads and public resources we in theory cannot afford to cut capital investment funds later down the line so where will this money come from? Another problem with this is that being based on a regressive tax this will have difficult time balancing out economically as it does not account for inflation. An even other concern is the 10% to public safety. This will actually go to a general fund with the intention of use in public safety. So to the firemen and policemen of Davenport their may be intent, but there are no guarantees; no real promises. My fear is that this will end up as more play money for the city.

Where will any of this money come from in these situations? Well, March 24th there was a Davenport Promise Forum at the Red Stone Room hosted by the QC Times, where Davenport Promise Task Force Member Ken Croken stated, "If and when these things happen we will handle them." So they have no real plans for the future; only reliance on the predictions of one analysis done by one, Upjohn, Institute. If these things happen an unknown board not appointed will handle these issues. Well are these board members going to be credible for the positions? We aren't going to know as they haven't been chosen, and will not be till after the fact. Croken also said there were no guarantees for the future either in regard to promises made now. So essentially they will not raise our taxes now, but if push comes to shove (and they are confident they won't) it could all be broken promises for us.

These numbers I look at with Upjohn's report show that in a bad case scenario we could be as much as 2.2 million in debt by year 4, and yet their answer is basically that they'll get around to it. If this is some kind of protectionist policy for questionable future direction then where is the protection from our own solution? Note I am not anti-education, but how could I consider a policy that is meant for my children which could just as likely hurt them or even worse in the end? We already pay the federal government taxes which go to educational grants already such as Pell, and where this goes right in being non-discriminatory we are again seeing taxes go to this thing for up to $1000 more per year for what could be an even worse economic disaster. It should also be noted that it is rightly requiring 400 hours to be able to get it but unfortunately doesn't require a minimum GPA to maintain it. This altogether should have been treated with more profound care.

You can count on me voting no on this policy. It could possibly be worth considering, but absolutely not when it is so fiscally negligent. This is not worth it right now under its current state, and I cannot bear this massive cloud of potential burden on every other citizen of this town. For any Davenport residents please vote no. There are numerous scholarships and grants available, including Pell already present. President Obama even amended the Hope tax credit with the current stimulus bill, increasing the college tax credit to an annual $2500 (and even refundable up to $1000). We have other resources available so please vote no until the city is forced to reevaluate this and treat it more responsibly for us all.

Related Documents:
The Davenport Promise Task Force Report here.
The Davenport Promise CIP Impact Report here.
The Upjohn Institute Analysis Report here.
The Anti-Promise Presentation from NoMorePromises here.

Related Sites:
City of Davenport, Davenport Promise Task Force Information here.
No More Promises Anti-Promise Initiative here.

American Kings  

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Recently Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has become electable an infinite number of times as a constitutional referendum has removed limits to the terms served by their presidential office. This has attracted a lot of attention due to his authoritarian nature. Historically, presidents in the same situation (eg, Saddam Hussein) have coerced, fear mongered, and even killed for votes to stay in power. Regardless of ethics this is a reality there and now.

But what would this have to do with America?

Nothing directly. But now, though unlikely, we may find ourselves in the same position. Rep. Jose Serrano D-N.Y. filed H.J. Res. 5. If this is passed then it will repeal the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution making presidents electable to an infinite number of terms.

Thomas Jefferson warned that presidents not bound by term limits could use their popularity and power to become kings. We found this come to fruition with Franklin D. Roosevelt who served 4 terms! Is was through this that it is that the 22nd Amendment cam to life. We finally found out what this would mean.

With this ponder the following: 4+ terms of George W. Bush or now likely 4+ terms of Barrack Obama. If you are not a member of the standing party how will you feel with your voice being muffled for more than a decade or even a lifetime?

It is not surprising that this was filed after Barrack Obama won the election and a Democrat was in office, but this does not make it a right decision. If you would not want lifetime power of a Republican then it is equally not fair to present opportunities for Democrats. Just as we saw an empire of Bush between two members non consecutively we could see an empires out of Obama or the Democratic party in general. It has gone from being referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary and now lies with the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. And now we wait from here to see what happens. I have faith that this will not come to life and will not pass.

However, if you do not want to see this do not lay quietly about it. Call your Representative and speak your outrage! Hold their re-election dependent on voting Nay if necessary.

For more information on this bill go here.

The Monthly Trivial 3  

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Martin Mull: Not Just a Comedian and Actor!

Martin Mull is well known for his acting roles and especially as a comedian, but this is actually not how he got his start...

He took his education through to his Masters in Painting at Rhode Island School of Design (in affiliation with Brown University).

In recent years his art has been featuring throughout the United States and touring from museum to museum. His art works have featured at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Hammer Gallery in Chicago, Rena Branstern Gallery in San Fransisco and many others.

Marting Mull has an interesting and particular style. It is very reminiscent of the likes of Norman Rockwell yet uniquely bizarre and satirical in its own sensibility, critiquing modern culture. It is unfortunate there really isn't an official home for his art over the internet which could be easily accessed by all, but it can be found here and there on some gallery sites.

Check It Out At:
Rena Branstern Gallery
Hammer Gallery
Beitzel Gallery
Samuel Freeman Gallery

This Stimulus is Moving Through  

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The stimulus package as many have already seen in the news is that it is filled with pork (or unnecessary ineffective spending), and in many ways this has been very true. It is also in the unfortunate side of politics' nature. If someone or some group is not on board bargaining mechanisms come into play in an attempt to buy someone's vote, and a lot of times this will mean that you might have the opportunity to see something you want thrown in with the bill. Under the current market conditions we are driving up the debt, and printing more money to compensate, we are devaluing the dollar and risk horrible inflation in the near future.

Economists are torn on this bill in whether it will be effective or not. The problem with this package is that we are increasing the debt on a gamble. If we don't stimulate the economy with spending it will be hard for it to turn around. The issue being confidence. Companies have lost confidence and are afraid to invest. Some at this time are willing to invest but in our condition some is not enough. Until the motive is there to invest this is going to be a rough ride.

One option for this to occur is is to let these bad businesses who made bad decisions fail. If they fail and go bankrupt they will be forced to consolidate. This consolidation will open the door for new businesses to compete in the market; recreating a competitive market will give hope back to the economy and will provide incentive to invest.

To aid in this tax incentives are a smart move. To provide tax breaks will encourage investment into the economy. In our current market we need to restore confidence before this will be effective. Bailout with billions hasn't been effective as the money is not being spent, and tax breaks will not be effective until competitive conditions occur. So again tax breaks are a very viable option to aid the economy though it is no more viable than a debt building bailout in a volatile marketplace. We have to restore economic confidence.

A Note On the Stimulus From Ron Paul:

Official Info On the Final Bill *UPDATED*:

The Final Official Bill here.

The Official Financial Assestment here. (This is not but official CBO documentation.)

Mortgage Crisis Following Up  

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Well where should I get started?

How about that our economy is still doing bad and that banks are also doing bad, and it is questionable if and when they are going to get better. Now in a fiat based economy there are always ups and downs and it feeds on both, and in the process the market will change and businesses and laws both may also change.

So how did the market crisis get started?

Back in 1986 Congress passed law that barred interests deductions buying for individuals and families on anything other than home mortgage interest. This is code USC 26 Section 265. Now, this would be fine if they stopped with 265(a). However, they continued with 265(b) which is where they created the exception. This over time has been the beginning of bad mortgage buying habits as it became the tax preferred method for borrowing money. There is more to it than that as many options with first-time home buyer loans have encouraged the buying of loans that one could afford over time and getting loans for bigger homes that one could afford comfortably.

Now for the current problems in the banking industry. Credit Default Swaps. CDS's are essentially insurance, but through legal wording an arbitrary and unstable situation has been created. To give loans there needs to be protections, a backup in case an investment goes bad. This is where insurance has always kicked-in in the past, but to have insurance there has to be liquidated assets to cover it, as required, by law. This was seen as particularly advantageous to banks and other institutions as they did not have to have a liquid pool of money just lying around with this and could do elsewise with the money.

Here's the real kicker. Bad mortgage buying habits + no money to cover bad investments = companies pulling straight from assets to stay afloat and thus falling out from under themselves.

So this is where it has lead us. Granted Credit Default Swaps have extended beyond mortgages as it lies in almost all loan investments now, but this is a broader topic for another day. Now the question begs where do we go from here? Well they gave 800 billion to this already and economists are divided whether it will work or not. The reasoning is that if we give them money they can invest it and restimulate the economy. The problem is that confidence in the economy has been lost and the money may remain reserved in fear rather than being invested out of principle. It also doesn't help that these same companies such as Wells Fargo who have taken 25 billion of that and prepare for an elaborate trip to Vegas for its top loan officers (who could have likely been the ones issuing these bad loans). Since the public outrage Wells Fargo has withdrawn from these reservations and have called the trip off; I'm sure that we will still see more of this in our future.

So to fix the issue, USC 26 Section 265 must be ratified. It has encouraged BAD buying behavior and this needs to be corrected. Rating agencies have also been a problem here as they have been giving out better ratings than the property warrants. One solution (even though unappealing) is to allow these rating firms to be able to be sued by the issuer for negligence. These rating agencies have been too comfortable and too easily seduced due to legal protections and so something must also be done here. Granted law suits are not a great answer, however short term this will lead to either them going out of business really fast or pulling out of complex securities and simply not investing in them. This short term will at least "patch" this situation in the current crisis we are under. It is not a wise long term solution, but one of the better short term "patches" until proper mending can be devised and enacted.

Unlike many will claim and want you to believe. Deregulation has not been the problem here. It has been a combination of both government regulation and government oversight. Government oversight can be bad behavior as we have seen recently, but it has nothing to do with the deregulation of policies. Not watching and reducing control are two separate matters. What we could use as I've already talked about is the deregulation of the fore mentioned policy.

And to the prospective home buyer. Do your research and collect second opinions. Don't jump into a loan without educating yourself first and being sure you are making a wise decision. Check other agencies, look at your budget with an accountant, or even take your proposals to a real estate lawyer for review. Don't jump into any decision as dedicated as this without making a well rounded assessment of your situation and loan proposals at hand. In this current economy it is much better safe then sorry; even if you have to save and pay for a few other services to check things out beforehand.

Here is a statement made recently by Ron Paul which I find truthful:

In Memory of Abraham Lincoln  

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Today is the 200th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln.

This post is in remembrance of him.

To the man that stopped a secession of the US, gave us the 13th Amendment, and other great acts of Constitutionalism such as upholding Section 9 of the US Constitution during the Civil War (proper function of habeas corpus).

Happy birthday Mr. Lincoln.

Political Parties And Your Ideology  

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Well in response to the last post this is a good place for a follow up. So let's bring up your ideology, what it means, and which parties associate with your ideals.

First take the World's Smallest Political Quiz by The Advocates here and come back.

...Now that you've take the quiz let's look at what it means:

Government Style
Right (Conservative) = Limited Economic Regulation & Increased Social Regulation.
Left (Liberal) = Increased Economic Regulation & Limited Social Regulation.
Centrist (Moderate) = Balanced Economic & Social Regulation.
Libertarian = Limited Economic & Social Regulation.
Statist (Populace) = Increased Economic & Social Regulation.

Note that Populace views are likely the most common form of Statism in the US. An example is the State of Iowa: Iowa favors both Conservative social regulation and Liberal economic regulation. This is do to the strong traditional Christian values throughout the state as well as Agriculture and Production work that is very predominant as well. This is also why Iowa is a "swing" state as they will vote for the party that sides strongest with the issues they are most concerned with at the time.

US Political Party Examples
Republican Party (GOP) = Right/Centrist
Democratic Party = Left/Centrist
Green Party = Left
Constitution Party = Right
Reform Party USA = Centrist
Libertarian Party = Libertarian
Nazi Party USA = Right/Statist
Socialist Party USA = Left/Statist
Independent = Varies

So where did you score then on the quiz?
Do you feel that it represents your ideals fairly?

Taking this information if you want to know more about the example parties, listed, and their specific views on issues here are the sites you can find them at:

Republican Party (GOP)
Democratic Party
Green Party
Constitution Party
Reform Party USA
Libertarian Party
Socialist Party USA

Nazi Party USA (The LibertyCast does not promote, nor condone, the acts and views of Nazi Fascism.)

Independent (Independents do not have a unified site as they are independent of any party.)

Anarchism (Anarchism is another view as well. It is not displayed through the views of the quiz above. It's closest relative is Libertarianism, but this is not correct either. Libertarians want limited government while Anarchists want no government. If you took the quiz and you answered as Libertarian as possible though you feel this may not fully suit you, as you do not want any government at all, then you may be an Anarchist. Learn a little more about Anarchism through Wikipedia here.)

Genopolitics: Nature? Nurture? Both?  

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This is an interesting concept and study that is being done. I was lead to this by a professor who was at Rice with the latter mentioned professor. These studies are being executed by John Alford. Others are doing these studies as well, but he is a key leader in its current development. I am not going to say much here at this time but I encourage anyone interested to look further into the sources listed below.

So the question goes... Is it nature or nurture? Are our political ideologies predisposed or not? I personally believe a bit of both: Nature sets the course and Nurture is how we choose to ride through the course.

Take a look and develop your own opinions...


It's a Day of Celebrations  

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February 1, 2009 and it's National Freedom Day which is celebrated for the United States democratic ideals.

This holiday is celebrated February 1st in remembrance to the same day that President Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

And it's also that NFL Championship Day (XLIII) that cannot be named outright due to copyright and trademark laws. The Arizona Cardinals face the favored Pittsburgh Steelers, and honestly if I had to make an estimate on the wins I would favor the Steelers 10 points over the Cardinals for the win.

Have fun everyone!

Alaska Up in Smoke  

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Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano has had a lot of seismic activity recently and according to sources (to be noted) it is priming for an eruption.

Below is the most recent update from from Alaska's Volcano Observatory (AVO):

"2009-01-30 13:31:16
Intense seismicity continues at Redoubt this afternoon. Clear webcam views, satellite, and radar data indicate that the volcano has not yet erupted. Clouds have moved in to obscure the webcam view over the last several minutes.

The Aviation Color Code remains at ORANGE and the Volcano Alert Level remains at WATCH. "

The remote volcano is a approximately 100 mi from Anchorage, Alaska's most populated city. By reports it does not appear that there is really any immediate harm from its eruption. Although, volcanic ash can shoot over 9 mi high into jet streams which can cause major flight risks.

Volcanic ash is very abrasive and so it can tear away at airplane frames, windshields, and even severely damage the engines.

Redoubt's last eruption was 1989-90 and scientists predict that this eruption will be similar to the last.

For any one in the area or heading that way long clothes are suggested to protect the skin and long goggles for eye protection; also breathing masks are STRONGLY recommended to protect the respiratory system. And expect flight delays do to the dangers of flying in these conditions.

For anyone interested in finding out more the AVO page for Redoubt regularly updates it's activity and even has a webcam that, also regularly, takes photos of it. Check it out here.


The Monthly Trivial 2  

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Sid Meier's Civilization

Civilization is a strategic and competitive world building game. You build your nation in competition with other nations to advance in a race for the winning point. Civilization IV is the newest version and has seen many new alterations compared to its previous edition and especially editions earlier than that. The graphics have improved and although even though when games are reinvented never come problem free at first the newer interface and adjustments make the game more aesthetically appealing, intuitive and manageable. You can connect to the home page from here or even download the demo below. However, check out a couple videos for it's trailer and an IGN Review below:

Get the Civ IV Official Demo here.


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Well I have been absent for a little bit and I need to get an update on here. Prime reasoning for such a delay is full time (each) family, job, and college classes taking up most of my time and not leaving me as much time to be here. There have been some other concerns taking up time as well, but the former is the main deal. Please note I will try to keep up with the blog the best that I can, but I do have to accept that I have to treat school with a higher priority over the LibertyCast. Please bear with me as I am not abandoning the LibertyCast.

So how about the Illinois Governor, Hot Rod Blagojevich? Well he's finally been ousted and it's about time! The guy is not only corrupt, but the guy is so arrogant and oblivious to the reality of world around him he is either a bad liar or a true narcissist. Unanimously removed and properly done. I am very happy about this. I was amused with a news clip from him meeting with his supporters after being removed from office (his only court appearance). Of course he's thanking everybody for support and asking for continuing support, but I was not all surprised when he said he would continue to talk about this more so long as the news would cover it. This guy really does have issues, and it is healthy for Illinois to have him removed.

There has been interesting news about Iowa Governor Culver as well. Since there are budget issues in Iowa and it is against Iowa's Constitution to work out of a balanced budget a lot of talk and work has been going on within Iowa's Legislature. Some of this recently in the past few weeks lead to talks of giving the Iowa lottery away for a lump sum payment to cover their immediate losses. The problem is they would be losing a long term source of income for this short term fix. Well this has created some stir because Culver has received campaign contributions that link back to casinos, which were the prospective buyers. Ultimately, last week this has lead to Governor Culver announcing that they would not be selling the lottery, and looking at other sources of income. This is a smart decision because for a short term fix they would then have to look for more sources of income to cover a consistent long term loss of income. More news about this can be found with the Des Moines Register and the Iowa Independent (two articles linked).

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