Change is Coming!  

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Well here is an update about things going on with the LibertyCast. In absence a new project has been in the works. We will see a new change in the next few upcoming months. Everything is being redesigned to become a new network of information, connectivity, and resources.

We are becoming self hosted under the banner of a new blog that is more journalism centered on national and world economies. LibertyCast will still be available as the editor's blog so no fears the LibertyCast isn't going anywhere.

However, this isn't all. A new specialized Wiki will come that is economics focused built on MediaWiki. We will also incorporate a new social network that will be designed to help others to not only be educated about economics and world economies but also do it in a sense that helps people better themselves. The social network allowing for communication abroad will give opportunity for all to discuss problems worldwide and attempt to come up with solutions that can be effective and realized.

Other ideas are being hatched, including the possibility of going non profit, for philanthropic and charitable efforts.

Please stay tuned into the LibertyCast for progress and updates.

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