The Weekly Trivial 2  

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Fluent Dysphasia

Fluent Dysphasia is a wittingly funny film featuring Stephen Rea from Interview With a Vampire.

The Broken Branch: How Congress is Failing America and How to Get It Back On Track
A great book on the corruption in the last congress and the development of congress throughout history. Check out this limited preview with Google Books and then get it from Amazon.

Netflix Ready Devices
Netflix has developed an Instant Queue where you can stream movies placed on their movie servers. Now they have partnered with other companies to develop stand alone products and dvd/blu-ray Netflix ready products that can stream them straight to your television.

Another Get Out of Jail Free Card  

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First off Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We keep seeing the US government "bailout" or as they put it "rescue" businesses for the sake of the American economy and the foreign countries that are stakeholders in our economy, such as China. Now again we see another bailout plan, this one for Citigroup, which hit much of the news a few days ago. This bailout will be worth 20 million against predicted losses of 700K+ in the status quo. Is this fair or unfair? Right or wrong? Well a lot of this will depend on your opinion of economics and how the markets should be...

Personally I lean more in the direction of free markets; preferably laissez-faire. A free market is one free of government regulation by many interpretations. However this in itself is not entirely correct all on its own. A free market could also be one free of coercion; one free of forceful direction. Going back just for a moment Socialism/Communism have markets governed more or all by the state or government. Capitalism leans the other direction with private industry but can be handled on different levels being mixed capitalism (blend of state regulation and freedom, laissez-faire (minimal government influence), or anarcho-capitalism (no government influence).

Some disagree with free market principles, saying that in the current economic situation what would happen is that the market would consolidate with companies going away do to poor judgment and mistakes. This is absolutely true! But when many argue that this leads to monopolies because the companies left would grow larger, I disagree. Many people in educated countries know the dangers of monopolies (one being if one company owed all of one resource they could set any price no matter how high because they have no competition). Well, many would return to the support of smaller businesses and not approve of the development of monopolies because they do not want to become financially trapped.

Now, by pumping US companies with American tax-paid funds the US government is coercing companies back into their current condition before failure. This government intervention has been done without the intervention to protect its investment. Example: AIG executives going on a 400K spa retreat after getting millions from the government.

In the mortgage industry this was especially unpractical! Companies have allowed loans at high or flexible interest rates to those who could not afford them, and in return our government has given the corporations more of our money (our tax money) and leaving us with the same loans to continue to fail by. This is billions of our dollars going to what could likely be only the delay of the inevitable. This can only work with companies reforming their own policies, which may or may not happen.

And if we were to promote a fair economy why not also give American tax payers money back to them to pay for these loans that they have been trapped within? If the government would support the economic corporations should it not also support its ailing taxpayers?

Let these companies go away and give rise to new ones in their place! American citizens are not unintelligent and can avoid monopolies. Free markets for the most part are driven by the consumer because they buy they goods and services, and if we don't buy a company's goods or services then they don't make money. Consumer buying habits will determine what happens to out markets and we will buy what we want to buy.

This is only increasing our national deficit and to astounding amounts by which the government hasn't regulated to the degree in which the success they want is guaranteed, and thus is our money laid to the roulette table?

The question is do we feel lucky? I don't. Do you? Corporations have been acting on their behalf and, at least in the case of AIG, have continued to do so after assistance given to them in good faith. I am not convinced that they are going to change their habits. So they should learn from them they hard way, through their own experiences.

If they go away then let them go and make way for the new. In order to have a freer market we cannot block out competition. This is the same mannerism that creates monopolies, and even if on a larger scale it is a road of bad habits which would more than likely continue to lead us to disaster.

The deficit is huge and growing larger all the time. A good visual diagram of our economic history to now can be found here showing how it relates to the current budget. And I worry about the presidential elect, Barrack Obama, as well as he has supported the bailouts, and stated recently not to worry about the deficit for the next two years as the economy trumps the budget. I see that this risk is more of the same which will likely, in my mind, lead to same results.

We cannot afford the same constant ineffective status quo, and we need change. I hope that Barrack Obama will be more than "Change We Can Believe In", but more importantly "Change We Can Count On."

Piracy in Somalia  

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There is increased piracy in Somalia as many can see throughout the news in the past few years which has been building up since the civil war in the early 1990's. This in turn affects trade significantly and also the food reserves being sent to Somalia due to their extensive droughts and food shortages.

So what do we do about this situation? Some countries through NATO have giving naval assistance to provide protection. However, some these ships are too large to maneuver past their speedboats and come underarmed and thus are not effective.

Another option is to, not necessarily control arms sales but to at least hold the sellers accountable. Most arms transactions are reportedly made through Yemen. And even though at a cost of becoming pro-actively involved with Yemen it is debated whether or not applying pressure would have much effect if any at all...

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The Weekly Trivial  

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The Weekly Trivial segment is here. This is a weekly post for anything more trivial, fun, or not even really related to the main topics of the blog.

Super Obama World - flash game.

Little Kim Jong Il @ Newgrounds
Lil' Kim Jong-Il by Sam T - teen rated flash parody movie.

Political Duel @ Newgrounds

Political Duel from Free World Group - teen rated flash fighting game.

Julia Nunes Official Website
Check out this talented young singer songwriter. She is very good and makes listening to and watching her lots of fun!

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Myspace
Everyone should check out this fluffy comedian! He is absolutely hilarious!

Obama's Candidacy And The Race Card  

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Okay to backtrack a bit to the campaign for president and the election of Barrack Obama in regards to the "race card" issue...

I admit I may be slightly more conservative though more in agreement with Libertarians naturally, and beyond that admittedly with Republicans more frequently than with Democrats. That doesn't necessarily make me entirely pleased with the current Republican party, but that is a topic to be covered later in another post as it is a large enough topic for discussion all on its own.

But back to Obama... I agree there is indefinite significance to his election as it does signify the end of an era of racism in the United States. This is a great and fantastic milestone! I do not disagree with this at all. However, I am concerned with some of the reasoning behind some of the votes he received.

I had the opportunity to go to the Democratic Poll Party for the Quad Cities, and even though I am typically in disagreement with Democrats for the most part, it was worth getting involved in for the experience. This was due to a personal connection who is an active democrat and whose family is friends with Iowa House Rep. Jim Lykam. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to see inside things even at this minor level stating off with my political education, and I hope that this post will not come off as any disrespect or lack of appreciation either.

While I was there and it came down to Obama winning the election as you would expect there was cheering, smiles, and lots of expression in happiness for the results. There was not even ten feet away from me a upper middle-aged African-American women belted out, "We made history baby! We made history!" I found myself entirely shocked by this.

I am still fairly young as an adult and had not been alive during Martin Luther King Jr's time. Yes, I missed that time period and its discriminations so I admit I might not be aware of everything, but I do understand this event's significance. But why would this be the first thing to come from one's mouth? This is almost appalling. Look at those words... The history to be made here is that fact that he is the first African-American president. This is what she is most happy about. This is evident because it was the first thing she wanted to say to everyone around. But why when making value decisions based on skin-color is the exact type of thing that MLKJ preached against?

The news in various places had brought up the topic of Obama getting votes due to this and a lot of objection to this kind of claim was made. I don't think that this is any kind of majority view, but I do not have any doubts at all that this is fact now.

I find myself somewhat disheartened to see that this reverse racism occurs. To vote him on his color over another and not because of policy or cabinet? This is sick step backwards in my opinion. This in itself discredits the value of this historical event; this shouldn't be acceptable. I admit I didn't say anything because I was a guest in someone else's house - per say. But no one else said anything either.

Race should never be the core value for any vote. That does not promote the equality or fairness that this country is supposed to hold true! I had my doubts with Oprah Winfrey as well. A person who didn't express interest in politics until this point, and with this occurrence I find it even harder to believe that Obama's color wasn't the prime issue for her support in him anymore. Another personal example is from my mother, who told me she has a co-worker who said to her specifically that the significance of this event was the soul reason she voted for him. Two evident occurrences of this over two peoples networks is by far a large number, but still...

This is a scary thing in these already scary times. I don't know... I still find myself in shock and in disgust with this. I hope that this isn't going to be a precursor for us walking backwards anymore than this. I hold confidence in this country and will continue to believe otherwise. Unfortunately, I do find myself a little doubted and hope that this was only a single hiccup of human nature.

These are pressing times and we cannot afford to be taking any steps backwards.

Online Resources  

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And we'll start off the day with a bonus post!

There are quite a few outlets for looking into political topics on and news online. A few political blogs are listed under my profile. Beyond that there are multiple radio shows with homes online such as the Dennis Miller Radio Show, may be one might even like to look into newspapers like The New York Times, or beyond that checking out the Politico.

A few others are covered here below:

Declare Yourself
Check out the value of voting and get registered to vote if you need to.

Google Maps 2008 General Election Results Gadget
Look at the results from the election on an easy to navigate map with statistical results. Personally I find it interesting that Ron Paul, not even the Republican candidate, got a small but significant amount of votes in two states. No one else did that in any party! If you don't deal with Google Gadgets you can check it out through us with here in Google Docs.

Looking for a way to get started being involved online? Check this out! A social network with games, profiles, and informative information.

Library of Congress: Thomas
The Thomas sect of the LoC is absolutely invaluable when doing research on national legislature. Don't underestimate the knowledge that this can grant. You can look up any legislature passed or on the table in exact legal writing and more.
Want to look at the original Constitution or Declaration of Independence? You don't have to visit D.C. to do this anymore. They have digital scans on the National Archive website as well as easy to read transcripts. Many other documents can be found there as well.
Another good resource for doing political research. All campaign contributions and funding are placed here. You can see who is giving money to who and who is taking money from whom as well as who is running for offices, etc.

U.S. Senate
Find out information on the Senate here. Also find out what legislature they are voting on and with roll calls and votes for each Senator too.

U.S. House Representatives
Find out information on the House of Representatives here. Also find out what legislature they are voting on and with roll calls and votes for each Representative also. This serves just like the Senate website, just for the other half of Congress.

There are many other resources out there as well, but here are just a few for people to get a look at and hopefully delve into when they have the interest and time. Mostly I will try to cover a lot of information and explain it myself. However, I am human like everyone else. I have my own biases and my own opinions too, and to get the factual information it is good to look at the source yourself whenever you can. This is the best way to collect unbiased information and develop your own convictions from such, honestly.

Welcome To The LibertyCast!  

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Welcome all to my political blog, The LibertyCast.

This is just a quick introductory post about this while I am still getting everything together.

Well to start off, this will cover all sorts of new and topics involving politics. Right now this is just a blog, but eventually this should grow into a much larger environment including forums, merchandise if ever demanded, and hopefully even get a podcast together.

I am very big on ethics so you can count on news involving political corruption showing up here. I am also here to try to explain things to people so they can get a perspective the benefits and flaws of political views and policies, etc. Count on news articles, current events, and other topics making it in here as well. Basically the discussion topics can be found in the header.

We as a general public need to be exposed to the ways of Washington, and what goes on in this country. Hopefully, I can aid others in this endeavor.

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