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Well I have been absent for a little bit and I need to get an update on here. Prime reasoning for such a delay is full time (each) family, job, and college classes taking up most of my time and not leaving me as much time to be here. There have been some other concerns taking up time as well, but the former is the main deal. Please note I will try to keep up with the blog the best that I can, but I do have to accept that I have to treat school with a higher priority over the LibertyCast. Please bear with me as I am not abandoning the LibertyCast.

So how about the Illinois Governor, Hot Rod Blagojevich? Well he's finally been ousted and it's about time! The guy is not only corrupt, but the guy is so arrogant and oblivious to the reality of world around him he is either a bad liar or a true narcissist. Unanimously removed and properly done. I am very happy about this. I was amused with a news clip from him meeting with his supporters after being removed from office (his only court appearance). Of course he's thanking everybody for support and asking for continuing support, but I was not all surprised when he said he would continue to talk about this more so long as the news would cover it. This guy really does have issues, and it is healthy for Illinois to have him removed.

There has been interesting news about Iowa Governor Culver as well. Since there are budget issues in Iowa and it is against Iowa's Constitution to work out of a balanced budget a lot of talk and work has been going on within Iowa's Legislature. Some of this recently in the past few weeks lead to talks of giving the Iowa lottery away for a lump sum payment to cover their immediate losses. The problem is they would be losing a long term source of income for this short term fix. Well this has created some stir because Culver has received campaign contributions that link back to casinos, which were the prospective buyers. Ultimately, last week this has lead to Governor Culver announcing that they would not be selling the lottery, and looking at other sources of income. This is a smart decision because for a short term fix they would then have to look for more sources of income to cover a consistent long term loss of income. More news about this can be found with the Des Moines Register and the Iowa Independent (two articles linked).

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