Political Parties And Your Ideology  

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Well in response to the last post this is a good place for a follow up. So let's bring up your ideology, what it means, and which parties associate with your ideals.

First take the World's Smallest Political Quiz by The Advocates here and come back.

...Now that you've take the quiz let's look at what it means:

Government Style
Right (Conservative) = Limited Economic Regulation & Increased Social Regulation.
Left (Liberal) = Increased Economic Regulation & Limited Social Regulation.
Centrist (Moderate) = Balanced Economic & Social Regulation.
Libertarian = Limited Economic & Social Regulation.
Statist (Populace) = Increased Economic & Social Regulation.

Note that Populace views are likely the most common form of Statism in the US. An example is the State of Iowa: Iowa favors both Conservative social regulation and Liberal economic regulation. This is do to the strong traditional Christian values throughout the state as well as Agriculture and Production work that is very predominant as well. This is also why Iowa is a "swing" state as they will vote for the party that sides strongest with the issues they are most concerned with at the time.

US Political Party Examples
Republican Party (GOP) = Right/Centrist
Democratic Party = Left/Centrist
Green Party = Left
Constitution Party = Right
Reform Party USA = Centrist
Libertarian Party = Libertarian
Nazi Party USA = Right/Statist
Socialist Party USA = Left/Statist
Independent = Varies

So where did you score then on the quiz?
Do you feel that it represents your ideals fairly?

Taking this information if you want to know more about the example parties, listed, and their specific views on issues here are the sites you can find them at:

Republican Party (GOP)
Democratic Party
Green Party
Constitution Party
Reform Party USA
Libertarian Party
Socialist Party USA

Nazi Party USA (The LibertyCast does not promote, nor condone, the acts and views of Nazi Fascism.)

Independent (Independents do not have a unified site as they are independent of any party.)

Anarchism (Anarchism is another view as well. It is not displayed through the views of the quiz above. It's closest relative is Libertarianism, but this is not correct either. Libertarians want limited government while Anarchists want no government. If you took the quiz and you answered as Libertarian as possible though you feel this may not fully suit you, as you do not want any government at all, then you may be an Anarchist. Learn a little more about Anarchism through Wikipedia here.)

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