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Martin Mull: Not Just a Comedian and Actor!

Martin Mull is well known for his acting roles and especially as a comedian, but this is actually not how he got his start...

He took his education through to his Masters in Painting at Rhode Island School of Design (in affiliation with Brown University).

In recent years his art has been featuring throughout the United States and touring from museum to museum. His art works have featured at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Hammer Gallery in Chicago, Rena Branstern Gallery in San Fransisco and many others.

Marting Mull has an interesting and particular style. It is very reminiscent of the likes of Norman Rockwell yet uniquely bizarre and satirical in its own sensibility, critiquing modern culture. It is unfortunate there really isn't an official home for his art over the internet which could be easily accessed by all, but it can be found here and there on some gallery sites.

Check It Out At:
Rena Branstern Gallery
Hammer Gallery
Beitzel Gallery
Samuel Freeman Gallery

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