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Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton is one of the most talented acoustic folk singer songwriters in America to date. Above he is singing America the Beautiful in a vlog entry posted on his Youtube.

Batman: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is an AMAZING film. This isn't the normal superhero film as it is more like a psychological study in the criminal mind of the Joker. Not including Bruce Wayne, Batman got less screen time in the movie than the Joker. Unfortunately Heath Ledger is not getting the acknowledgment it deserves with the role. This movie has gotten better reviews than any other Batman movie and almost brought in 1 billion worldwide at the boxoffice (this doubles or triples the profits of each other Batman movie), yet Heath Ledger who receives the majority of acclimations has 1 nomination from the Golden Globes, 2 for Peoples Choice Awards and didn't receive a single nomination from the Academy Awards. This is a pure shame in my mind as he deserves Best Actor for this role (yeah Joker isn't in the title, but the Joker did get more screen time than Batman which is why I don't agree with Best Supporting Actor). It is also a shame with Heth Ledgers accidental death, as this means that we will never see the trilogy completed. For a film that set the records for the highest grossing weekend boxoffice film in the US and 4th highest grossing film of all time this is almost a disappointing end as it is a masterpiece of the criminal mind. So in conclusion I encourage people to watch this movie now on dvd (or blu-ray) or buy it!

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