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Welcome all to my political blog, The LibertyCast.

This is just a quick introductory post about this while I am still getting everything together.

Well to start off, this will cover all sorts of new and topics involving politics. Right now this is just a blog, but eventually this should grow into a much larger environment including forums, merchandise if ever demanded, and hopefully even get a podcast together.

I am very big on ethics so you can count on news involving political corruption showing up here. I am also here to try to explain things to people so they can get a perspective the benefits and flaws of political views and policies, etc. Count on news articles, current events, and other topics making it in here as well. Basically the discussion topics can be found in the header.

We as a general public need to be exposed to the ways of Washington, and what goes on in this country. Hopefully, I can aid others in this endeavor.

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