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And we'll start off the day with a bonus post!

There are quite a few outlets for looking into political topics on and news online. A few political blogs are listed under my profile. Beyond that there are multiple radio shows with homes online such as the Dennis Miller Radio Show, may be one might even like to look into newspapers like The New York Times, or beyond that checking out the Politico.

A few others are covered here below:

Declare Yourself
Check out the value of voting and get registered to vote if you need to.

Google Maps 2008 General Election Results Gadget
Look at the results from the election on an easy to navigate map with statistical results. Personally I find it interesting that Ron Paul, not even the Republican candidate, got a small but significant amount of votes in two states. No one else did that in any party! If you don't deal with Google Gadgets you can check it out through us with here in Google Docs.

Looking for a way to get started being involved online? Check this out! A social network with games, profiles, and informative information.

Library of Congress: Thomas
The Thomas sect of the LoC is absolutely invaluable when doing research on national legislature. Don't underestimate the knowledge that this can grant. You can look up any legislature passed or on the table in exact legal writing and more.
Want to look at the original Constitution or Declaration of Independence? You don't have to visit D.C. to do this anymore. They have digital scans on the National Archive website as well as easy to read transcripts. Many other documents can be found there as well.
Another good resource for doing political research. All campaign contributions and funding are placed here. You can see who is giving money to who and who is taking money from whom as well as who is running for offices, etc.

U.S. Senate
Find out information on the Senate here. Also find out what legislature they are voting on and with roll calls and votes for each Senator too.

U.S. House Representatives
Find out information on the House of Representatives here. Also find out what legislature they are voting on and with roll calls and votes for each Representative also. This serves just like the Senate website, just for the other half of Congress.

There are many other resources out there as well, but here are just a few for people to get a look at and hopefully delve into when they have the interest and time. Mostly I will try to cover a lot of information and explain it myself. However, I am human like everyone else. I have my own biases and my own opinions too, and to get the factual information it is good to look at the source yourself whenever you can. This is the best way to collect unbiased information and develop your own convictions from such, honestly.

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